Our Services

General Preventive Medical Care

We offer complete preventive medicine services, such as bloods tests and annual exams. Additionally, our doctors treat strains, backache, colds and flu, nausea and more. Allergy injections can be administered. We also provide limited physical therapy including manipulation.  

Minor Surgery and Treatment of Lacerations

Our doctors can treat patients that require laceration repairs for cuts and wound care. We also perform in-office minor surgical procedures.

Treatment of Acute Minor Illnesses

Our doctors treat patients who have acute minor illness symptoms such as cough and sinus pain. We will diagnose, educate and prescribe medications as needed.

Chronic Disease Management

We offer screening and management of various chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and thyroid issues. Our goal is to help educate and treat patients that are at risk of developing these types of diseases.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services are provided in conjunction with the Health Network Labs. We will draw the necessary blood, send it to the lab and it will be billed to your insurance company. We perform urinalysis, blood glucose testing and urine pregnancy tests in the office.

Diagnostic testing in the office includes: pulmonary function analysis, osteoporosis and vascular screening, sigmoidoscopy and electrocardiograms.

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